Carpet Cleaning


Carpet is a major investment in your home or office and regular professional cleaning is necessary to keep it looking at its best.

Regular professional carpet cleaning is so important that most major carpet manufacturers require you to do so in order to maintain your carpet's warranty.

Since 1979 we have been committed to sourcing the best methods to clean carpet, to keep them looking their best, as well as providing a healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

We know carpet, and we know which method of cleaning is best for your carpet.

Hot Water Injection Extraction

(commonly called Steam Cleaning.)

We use truck mounted carpet cleaning machines for high heat and
incredibly strong vacuum. And for areas where a truck mounted carpet
cleaner cannot access, we also use very powerful portable machines.
In either case, the carpets will come up so clean, you'll fall in love with them again!

  • Hot water extraction is the method that flushes and removes more
    dirt and chemical residues than any other method.

  • It's also the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

  • We recommend you have your carpets hot water extraction
    cleaned at least every 12 months.

Bonnet Cleaning

(commonly called Dry Cleaning.)

This method is great for very short commercial grade carpets and where maintenance of carpet is required while still in use.

Recent advancements in bonnet cleaning of carpet include encapsulation;
which breaks the soil bond with the carpet fibre, keeping that soil in
suspension to be then later vacuumed away.

The overall change in appearance is quite remarkable.


Together with some of the best stain treatments available in the market today,
we know how to get your carpets sparkling clean again!



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