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 Stain removal.

Have an unsightly stain on your carpet (like this red wine spill)?

With the right procedures, most unsightly stains can be removed completely. Regal Carpet Services have experience, training and access to the best products and procedures available.

And we love a challenge!

Upholstery Cleaning.


Upholstered furniture is a major part of the décor in both our homes and work places.

Over time couches, chairs, ottomans and many other fabric covered items can start to look tired and dull, with perhaps some spillages and marks on them. Regal Carpet Services can rejuvenate your upholstery, making them look as new again.

Our upholstery cleaning services have been refined over many decades to produce remarkable results which you will be happy with. We also make sure all our processes are safe to use in your home and workplace, and gentle on your fabrics. When new, upholstery looks wonderful and sets the tone of your interior.

Preserve and prolong that fresh new feeling by having Regal Carpet Services professionally deep clean your upholstery.



Specialist Treatments.



Have a carpet that is proving very difficult to clean?

Call us. Chances are we’ve come across this very problem before, and know how to deal with it.

re-tuft missing or damaged carpet.

When the unthinkable happens and part of your carpet pile is pulled out, burnt or damaged -
we can replace it.

The best part? In most cases, this repair is completely invisible.



Cropping of Fuzzing and Pilling.

Carpet looking old and shabby?

We can remove all that pilling and fuzzing.
The change in the carpet's appearance is quite remarkable.



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